FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the float?

It is best to call ahead for current float times at 830-625-1211. The Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, typically takes two and a half hours to float. These conditions can change depending on the weather.

Do we take a shuttle to the river?

No, Landa River Trips is located at the beginning of the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas. You will enter the Comal River at the same place you park and get your tube.

Is the can ban active on the Comal River?

Yes, New Braunfels has a disposable container ban. Nothing disposable is allowed on the river, such as cans, bottles, chip bags, glass, or Styrofoam. [Add link to rules page]

Is alcohol and food allowed on the river?

Yes, as long as they are placed in a non-disposable container before entering the Comal River.

Do you have parking?

Yes, parking is first come, first served. Landa River Trips on the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, has over 250 parking spots ON SITE ON THE RIVER. It is recommended to plan your trip early and carpool. Large trucks will have difficulty parking in and around New Braunfels. Parking can be full on a Saturday as early as 11:00 AM. Come early and come prepared. This tip applies to all of New Braunfels, especially during tubing season.

When is the best time to float?

The best time to float the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, is early in the morning. Groups that show up between 9 AM and 10 AM will enjoy plenty of parking, short lines, and best of all, a crowd-free river. For families, it is best to enjoy the float on weekdays and early on Saturday and Sunday. Party crowds show up later in the day around 12:30 PM on weekends. Parking will be difficult at these times, and lines may be long. Come early and come prepared!
What size cooler can we bring?

You can bring one 30-quart cooler per person on the Comal River. This rule is established by the city of New Braunfels, Texas. All coolers are required to have some form of locking mechanism to secure the lid.

Are there locations to stop during the float?

Yes! There are several shallow spots on the Comal River that are perfect for taking a break. The common spots are after the Tube Chute (first chute on the Comal River) and after the Warneke Chute (last chute on the Comal River). Keep in mind that there is a lot of private property on the Comal River. Please respect the privacy of homeowners.

Are there places where we can swim without tubing?

For swimming and picnicking, we recommend visiting the city parks in New Braunfels, Texas. Landa Park, Prince Solms Park, and Hinman Island are great options. Landa River Trips does not offer these services as we are a tubing company only.

  • Landa Park – Offers picnicking locations, swimming, New Braunfels Spring Fed Pool, train rides, golf course, playgrounds. Landa Park Info
  • Prince Solms Park – Offers picnicking and public river access, city tube chute. Parking may not be free; contact New Braunfels Parks and Recreation for details. Prince Solms Park Info
  • Hinman Island – Offers picnicking, river entry, and city tube chute access. Parking may not be free. Contact the city of New Braunfels, Texas, for current information. Hinman Island Info

Where is the best place to picnic, grill, BBQ near Landa River Trips?

The above parks are the best places for this. You can also contact Landa RV Park at 830-625-1211. Landa RV Park is a campground located at the headwaters of the Comal River and is the only campground/RV park on the Comal River. Guests staying at Landa RV Park receive discounts on Comal River tubing trips. Reservations need to be made several months in advance. It is common for this park to be fully booked before the end of January. Reservations start January 1st of each new year.
When did Landa River Trips open?

Landa River Trips on the Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, has been open since the early 1980s. Landa River Trips is one of the oldest continuously running tubing outfitters on the Comal River. Floating with Landa River Trips guarantees you the best float with the most experienced river outfitter.

Where is your river exit?

Landa River Trips uses the city’s last public exit. This is the last exit available on the Comal River. It is located at the corner of Union Street, South Union Street, and West Lincolns Street.

What times can we float?

Landa River Trips opens at 9 AM and is open 7 days a week. The last float to enter the river is at 4 PM. The last shuttle stops at 8 PM. It is best to call ahead before coming, as float times can change depending on weather. Landa River Trips may adjust these times to adapt to the changing nature of the Comal River and Edwards Aquifer spring flows.

Do we need a deposit to rent tubes?

Yes, we require a valid photo ID to rent tubes. We will not hold keys as a deposit. If you want us to hold your keys, a photo ID must be left with them. Only the owner of the ID can collect the keys or deposits.

Do you have life jackets?

Yes, we provide life jackets as a courtesy. For better comfort, we recommend bringing a life jacket that fits each individual person.

How deep is the Comal River?

The Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas, varies in depth, ranging from one foot to about 18 feet deep, with the deepest part being in front of the tube chute dam. Because of the river’s natural formation, you won’t know the depth without getting in the water and experiencing it for yourself. For this reason, we recommend weak swimmers take precautions and wear a life jacket. Safety should be your number one priority when floating the Comal River. The Comal River only has lifeguards at the tube chute provided by New Braunfels Parks and Recreation. The rest of the river does not have lifeguards. It is up to you and your party to be prepared for the float. If you are unsure of your swimming abilities, be sure to bring a life jacket. Landa River Trips does not allow anyone under 4 years old to float.

How old do you have to be to tube the river?

Landa River Trips does not allow anyone under 4 years old. It is highly recommended to take the highest level of caution when tubing with children. You will be exposed to the strong currents and the extreme heat of a Texas summer. It is common to have days above 100 degrees. Bring plenty of water on your float.

What should we bring on the river?

You should only bring what you are willing to lose; the river giveth and the river taketh away. You should avoid taking valuables on the river. The most commonly lost items are cell phones, wallets, and jewelry. You should bring lots of water, sunscreen, and life jackets for weak swimmers. Some people like to bring shoes, towels, and a change of clothes, but these items will be burdensome on the river. Only take what you will need. Remember, you will be keeping this stuff on you for up to 4 hours and must carry it back to the exit. We recommend floating “light” as anything you bring will get wet.

Can we bring rope to tie tubes together?

Yes, you can bring rope, but Landa River Trips does not recommend this practice and will not provide rope. If you decide to bring rope, please keep these points in mind: keep it short as injuries can happen from rope getting caught around body parts. It is common for people to get tangled in rope at the tube chute. The possibility of “degloving” or suffocation exists. Long rope will also get caught on rocks, trees, or others not participating in your group’s rope activities. Keep knots simple as the last public exit can be chaotic at times. Having tubes tied together will make it difficult to exit the river and can cause damage to the tube that may result in deflation.

Can we bring pets?

Yes! Landa River Trips is pet-friendly! Please be aware that sharp claws can damage tubes, so keep this in mind. We recommend bringing a dog life jacket. Even the best swimmers cannot handle white water. We have seen several pets drown at the tube chute, often due to long leashes getting caught in rocks and pulling the dog under. We love animals and want them to have a safe, fun family trip. Please keep their safety in mind and bring plenty of clean water. Consuming river water can make your pets sick.

Are double tubes allowed on the Comal River?

No! New Braunfels has an ordinance against any flotation device larger than 5 feet in diameter. If you bring such a tube on the Comal River, you will be stopped by authorities, the tube will be deflated, you will be sent walking home, and you may be issued a citation. Landa River Trips wants you to have the best float, so please avoid bringing large tubes.

Can I bring my own tube?

Yes, however, the cost is the same. We do not offer any free river entry. Landa River Trips does offer a commercial-grade air compressor to air up your float. It is self-serve, and you are responsible for your float. Landa River Trips uses special tubes designed to handle the river and shuttle conditions. They are thicker and more resilient. Personal tubes are not built to these standards but for pools and home recreation. Personal tubes have the nickname “WillPops” because they WILL POP.

When you arrive at Landa River Trips, you will pay for the float and then be given access to the air system and river entry. We will not take responsibility for popped personal tubes at any point of your tube journey.