River Rules

So that you have good time please remember these river rules:

  • Alcohol is allowed on the river
  • No beer bongs
  • No Disposable Containers: This includes plastic bottles, aluminum cans, zip-top bags, glass bottles, styrofoam cups or coolers, cardboard boxes, food wrappers, etc.
  • Coolers must not exceed 30 quarts and have locking mechanism (zipper, Velcro, latch, cord) on lid
  • One cooler per person
  • No container smaller than 5oz (including containers for jello shots)
  • Life jackets for the kids
  • Something light & quick drying
  • Suitable footwear (always)
  • Suntan Lotion, Sunglasses, Hat
  • Do not take valuables
  • Radios, boom boxes, speakers, etc. may not be audible beyond 50-feet
  • Please respect private property and please do not litter

*Landa River Trips reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not be responsible for any accidents occurring on our property.